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    Fortune Teller

    L0U Players,

    How exactly does the fortune teller work? You press a button to start and again to stop the flipping of cards....But, does the process actually DO anything? Isn't the card your going to get determined randomly by the game program and all the press this and wait so long and press again just a meaningless animation? Just asking..Sophia

    If it was part of the gameplay like the windmill or moonglow tower animation, I would understand the point of it...but this is a time consuming side trip, that as was said could be elminated and just add the gift to our stockpile of amulets,etc. Please don't misconstrue the critique,I love the gift...don't stop the gifts!Sophia
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    Yes, I hate to think how much of my life I have wasted waiting for that Fortune Teller to finish mucking about. Why can't we just get a random gift each day without all the fuss and without the Click Trap. How many players have mistakenly clicked the button again and used funds they didn't want to spend to buy another artifact from the Fortune Teller, because I have. Come on EA - get rid of this useless part of the game, please.
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    there is a button labelled "quick mode" where it will just tell you your artifact
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    Like shadow said, there is a quick mode.

    It has been tested that the items you get are totally random, and the cards you see have no relation whatsoever on your result. For example you may get a medallion even though it was not one of the cards on the screen.
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    shadow and John,
    Thanks so much for the info, I obviously missed the button for quick mode, but I'll be looking for it now.
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    Hey my fortune teller is not keeps saying i have to advance further to activate, works fine in my other world though and everyone else in my alliance says its working perfectly for them.
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    Advance further means you have quests from the tutorial that you have not yet finished. Look in your quest log for anything under the header "Tutorial" and complete those. The most likely bets are either to build a Hideout... build a Ranger Tower... or build a City Guard House and recruit 5 CG's.

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    Thanks Awydd.
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